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Based on your submission of a questionnaire, snapshots, and a one on one telephone consultation, Jacqueline will assess the reality of your dream of becoming a plus size model and refer you to industry professionals in your area to help make your dreams come true.   

Individual, Professional Consultations with Jacqueline are as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1.  Complete and submit the questionnaire below.

2.  Email Snapshots To Jacqueline.  Send two CLEAR snapshots (NO NEED FOR PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS AT THIS POINT) in jpeg format; one headshot and one full body (head to toe) shot (NO WEB CAM PHOTOS).   Do not include any other person in your photos.  Try to limit background images.  The size of your image should be no smaller than 640x480 and should not exceed 1280x720.  Edit as necessary.  Use light makeup and wear your hair down in a simple, yet fashionable style.  Make sure your clothes are form fitting for your full body shot. 


3.  Submit payment for the following services:


Phone Consultation with Recommendations

Phone Consultation with Written Recommendations AND REFERRALS  $85.00

Jacqueline provides Monthly Goal Planning Consultations 

to help make your dreams a reality. 


Find Out About Our Quick Start Program  

Individual Consultation Questionnaire

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